About My Signing Venue

Not to sound like a broken record, but my signing’s coming up.  You know, the one where you all will come help me celebrate the release of my book.  The one I’ve been rambling on about for what seems like no less than twenty-seven years now.  The one that’s one week from today! (Yikes!) Today, I thought it fitting to highlight the place where this signing is going to happen: New Covenant Tabernacle.

Some of you have asked why I didn’t choose to do an event in a local bookstore.  Valid question.  Makes sense, a book signing in a place of books.  In short, NCT just felt like the right place to go, and so I reached out to the good people there for a few reasons.

First, I used to work in New Covenant’s office. For those of you who might not be familiar with New Covenant, it’s a church situated in the Kenmore/Tonawanda area.  They have two services on Sunday mornings, and a bunch of ministries; most importantly, they preach and teach straight from the Bible.  I kinda sorta stumbled into a job there right as my girls were turning one, and worked there for about six years (time flies!).  It was a great place to work – I always said it never felt like I was going to work when I went there – and I learned quite a bit from the ultra-talented staff during my years among them.

Next, I wrote All In while employed at New Covenant.  I had done some freelance writing here and there during my spare time, and got the notion that I should try writing a novel. So I did, and I used NCT as a loose basis for the church featured within it.

And last, because a church figures prominently into my story, I thought it fitting to officially debut the novel in the same kind of setting.  Really, what better choice was there than the inspiration behind the church in the book, and the same church I spent time at while writing it?

So, I end with a hearty shout-out and thank you to the pastors and staff of New Covenant for agreeing to let me host my book signing / launch / thing there!


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