Shout Out, Blogging Buddies

Once upon a time, there was a writer named Mindy who landed a private client. The private client approached writer Mindy with an idea to write about finance from a woman’s point of view. Mindy balked. She knew next to nothing about finance. The private client encouraged, gave out a few topics, and linked Mindy up with two other writers. What followed was a MomVesting, a collaborative female-perspective financial blog, and what further stemmed out of that effort was a internet-based friendship between Mindy and fellow writer extraordinaire Jessica.

So, my favorite blogging buddy shout out? Super easy: it’s none other than my fellow Midwest gal Jessica from The Write Shadow. Besides providing today’s prompts (and all of November’s prompts, for that matter), she’s proven INVALUABLE to me as I start navigating my way (slowly, and tripping over stuff) in this post I-won-a-book-contest-now-what blog scene. If you need a freelance writer who knows her stuff and is funny, talented, and down-to-earth plus a pleasure to work with, Jessica is that lady.

Thanks, Jessica, for your hard work and creativity! And thanks for patiently answering my questions, no matter how newbie and ridiculous they are!


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