Tuesday Tune Day: Theme Songs

As you may or may not know, I’m currently in the midst of writing a second book, a follow-up of sorts to my first. I’ve got the general idea down and am now in the fun stage of getting to know my characters – really getting to know them, you know? And like I did for “All In”, while I’m writing, I usually listen to music. In my humble opinion, sometimes certain songs just lend an extra layer of inspiration when trying to pen a scene.

Right now, I have a few “theme songs” picked out for my couple. The hero (or male main character, if you will) is a working-class guy, blue collar all the way. He’s (obviously) interested in the heroine, but has been unlucky in love. Naturally, he’s a bit on the reluctant side in his pursuit of her. The song that I’ve been playing when I’m “writing him” is a little gem of a tune by Lindsey Buckingham called “Trouble.” There’s really not a lot to it lyrics-wise, but what there is speaks volumes (I’ve forgotten what love is for; I should run on on the double; I think I’m in trouble) and is a perfect counterpart to how my guy is thinking. (An added bonus: it has absolutely beautiful guitar in it – especially toward the end.)

My heroine is a bit more elusive in that she’s evolving even as I write her. She’s turning out to be quieter than I had anticipated. Shy,even. Right now, the song that comes through with the most relevance to her is Sarah McLachlan’s “Black and White.” Not that she’s a famous person that people are expecting to be entertained by (as suggested in the lyrics), but in the sense that she feels just, as the song says, black and white, wound up tight, unsure of who she is. McLachlan brings her wonderfully smooth and effortless vocals to the simple-but-packs-a-wallop words: The road is long, the memory slides, to the whole of my undoing; Put aside, I put away, I push it back to get through each day . . .


What do you think about theme songs for books or stories or characters? If you’re a fellow writer, do you have them? If you’re a reader, do you associate certain songs with certain books or characters?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune Day: Theme Songs

  1. Keeping style and feel consistent throughout the prose – um, yeah, that’s what I was going for! LOL! (I just thought the songs fit with the characters; if I start actually thinking of trying to keep stuff consistent, then I think I might be in trouble myself!!)

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