Tuesday Tune Day – October 1, 2013

Mark this down, people. Two posts in a row. It’s a big deal.  Trust me. Tuesday Tune Day is upon us once again, and this week, I’ll share what’s been heating up my speakers.


ReflektorArcade Fire


This song started getting airplay in the Buffalo area thanks in part first to our neighbors to the north (102 The Edge out of Toronto), and even more recently on 107.7 (Buffalo’s New Alternative). And, if you are the kind to stay up late enough, you could have caught this song live on SNL this past weekend.


Why you should give it a listen: Um, who doesn’t love updated disco? At over seven minutes long, Reflektor is a satisfying chunk of ear candy. It’s got some awesomely weird strings (or something) right before the drums kick in, a lady singing in French, and a beat that will make you want to bring out your leisure suit and do your best John Travolta.  (I’m being informed that this last part might just be a personal response to the song.)


A writer’s aside – I could see someone using this song as a backdrop and/or inspiration while penning a steampunk novel.  Not that I have my finger on the pulse of the whole steampunk genre or anything. But, just sayin’.


And, just in staying with the theme, another song that’s getting major airplay in my own little radio station is . . .


The SuburbsArcade Fire


Just for the record, I’m about three to five years behind cool and hip. In fact, me just using those terms probably gives you an idea of just how not with it I am. Anyway, this song was (insert your preferred version of “cool” here) a few years back, and it wasn’t until this summer that I really, really got into it and dug it.


There’s just something brilliant about the strum-y guitar and piano and the, well, brilliant lyrics. Suburban war? Bombs falling and being already bored? Walls built in the seventies falling? Makes me wish I had written it! If you’re even further behind the times than I am, then give this gem a listen. Even if Reflektor isn’t to your taste, I think you might just find something you’d like with this one.


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