Tuesday Tune Day

Tuesday Tune Day!

Okay, first, cut me some slack. I’m trying to come up with some kind of a schedule for this blog. Friday is taken (Top Five Fridays). And Tuesday Tune Day just has a certain kind of ring to it. (So maybe it doesn’t really . . . but just humor me, folks!)

The fact of the matter is I listen to way too music. Really. I sometimes try to rattle of lyrics or song titles and try to pass them off as conversation. (A heads up to those of you out there who are just off enough to try this: it doesn’t fly especially well. Just sayin’.) Anyway. Because I listen so much, here’s a bit of a post about what’s playing through my speakers at home this week when I’m , um, writing. Yeah, that’s it. When I’m writing.

Atlas – Coldplay

Listen Here

Yes, it’s from the not-yet-released Catching Fire movie. And yes, it’s Coldplay, who, for some reason, don’t even register on some of my friends’ radars. Weirdos. For the rest of us (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) normal folk, there’s this song. Which happens to be the first new Coldplay stuff out since Mylo Xyloto (think: Paradise).

In short, I.Love.It.

Simple, soft piano. Enter Chris Martin’s (nasally) voice with poignant lyrics, and then the song builds, adding in strings, a subtle beat that propels the song forward and adds an undercurrent of urgency to the tune. By the time the song hits the chorus, the vocals are soaring, the beat is smart, and you’re singing along as you see Katniss battling it out in the Arena.

Sigh. Did I mention I heart Coldplay?

Supersoaker – Kings of Leon
Try it out here

Okay, I know next to nothing about KOL, (are they even referred to as KOL?) but this song is uber-catchy. And it makes pretty much no sense. What is a “supersoaker”, anyway? It probably has some dirty, raunchy meaning I’m too naive to grasp.

No matter, it’s a windows-down, top-volume in the sunshine kind of song that makes you feel cool in the minivan. Driving drums, a gravelly, earnest voice and a chorus you can kinda understand.

Times Like These – Foo Fighters

Check it out

Quite simply, I’m in love with the lyrics of this song.

It’s time like these, you learn to live again . . .
It’s times like these, you learn to love again

This really hits home. Without going into deep, gory details, I’ve gone through a sort of crisis of faith the latter half of the summer. While I think I’m coming out of it now, it’s safe to say that I felt I had the rug pulled out from under me for a time. You know, world turned upside down and that whole bit? Yep, it felt like that.

Anyway, stumbled upon this song, an “oldie” but a goodie, with such apt lyrics. I don’t know about you, but I’m such a sucker for falling into a routine, a schedule, a certain way of doing things and not only doing things but seeing things a certain way. Learning to live again, to love again, can mean so many things, can reflect so many levels. I anticipate this to be on my playlist for a long time to come.

What about you? Whatcha listening to these days?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune Day

  1. I’ve been listening to El Diddly (the songs revolve around the medley called Silence). All I’ve been singing on walks lately is, “Bubble. Bubble. Bubble. Guppy. Guppy. Guppies!” Oh, and “The Doc is in. She’ll fix you up. If you’re a toy. Then, you’re in luck…” LMBO

  2. Wait ’til you get the Sesame Street songs stuck in your head! (Though, to be fair, I still have a particular fondness for “Shiny, Happy Monsters” – featuring REM & the monsters of SS.) El Diddly, though… will have to give him (her? them?) a listen! 🙂

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