The Mix Tape (Weekly Writing Challenge)

One of the nifty features I’m learning about here at WordPress are these writing challenges. Since I’m trying to find my way in this blog-o-sphere and since I’m trying to write a second book, I thought I’d give this week’s a try.

This particular challenge focuses on dialogue. Here’s my take on it, a bit o’ scene I tapped out in about five minutes. Maybe it will make the final cut of the next book . . . and maybe not. But I had fun writing it!

What’s this?” Sarah took the item, eyebrows arching as she looked to him.
He’d already turned back to his work and was busy running sandpaper over what looked like a shelf-sized slab of wood. “A tape.”
“I can see that,” she said, turning the blank cassette over in her hands. There was no writing upon it, no marks, just an opaque gray plastic case and an empty white label. “But what is it?”
“A mix tape.” He looked up briefly and met her eyes. “For you.”
An instant smile broke out on her face. “You made me a tape? How old are we?”
“Oh, something like forty-one going on eleven or twelve.”
“What’s next? A note asking if I like it and saying for me to check the yes or no box?”
He made a sound that could have been either a snort or a short laugh. “That’s so childish. Don’t be ridiculous.”
She wanted to go to him then, throw an arm around him, touch his arm, something like that. But he was busy, his hands guiding the sandpaper back and forth in a gentle rhythm, and she need to get to work. “Thanks,” she said, and tried not to grimace at how lame it sounded. “See you later.”
Sarah took one last look at Jake and then was off, tape still clutched in her hand.
“Yeah?” She paused, looked over her shoulder.
“Make sure you check the right box.”

To try your own hand at character talking, give this a click!  Happy writing!


8 thoughts on “The Mix Tape (Weekly Writing Challenge)

  1. Ah the little moments that somehow one never seems to get right. You wrote this exactly as it would happen to me! Then I would spend the whole day at the office worrying about how I didn’t react properly and wondering where on earth to get a cassette player these days. I often wonder why kindness and surprises catch us so off guard. I like to do little kindnesses for people and often they won’t accept or don’t know how to accept them. I am also new to this blog-o-sphere thing and this writing challenge thing. Very glad to know I’m not the only newbie!

  2. Hope says:

    So cute! Makes me want to read more, which is exactly the reaction I’m sure writers everywhere hope for. And I like that these characters are, um, no longer 20. 😉

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